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Two Ravens Press’ books business for sale

Two Ravens Press, an independent publisher of contemporary nonfiction, literary fiction and poetry, was formed in November 2006. It has been described as ‘a quiet publishing revolution’ (The Herald), ‘one of our more stylish independent publishers’ (Country Life), ‘the most talked-about publisher in Scotland’ (Publishing News) and ‘one of the most interesting publishers around’ (Scott […]

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Guest post: A Sadness and a Darkness: I will not let nature lie to me by Colin Williams

Colin Williams is a writer who explores our relationship with the landscape and its wildlife. His first book, Shadows in the Hay will be published in 2014. Read more at There is a place where I live. There is a place where I work and write. It is the place where my loved ones are and a […]

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‘An ecological poetry might even…’

Everyone knows what Auden said, even if they are unaware the line belongs to him: ‘poetry makes nothing happen.’  I have heard poetry dismissed in this way many times, and it’s all the more infuriating because the reductive statement is made somehow definitive precisely because it is a quotation from a poem.  Even poetry admits […]

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Helen Pynor, The Life Raft 16 (detail), 2012 - Image courtesy of the Artist and GV Art gallery, London

‘Nature Reserves’

26th July – 13th September, GV Art, London The idea of the ‘nature reserve’ might be taken to be symptomatic of our ecological moment: a simultaneous expression of loss and attempted redress that responds urgently to the dramatic decline of wild habitat throughout industrial modernity. For all their central importance to the work of […]

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The Dilemma of Filming Beauty: a guest post by Cathy Fitzgerald

Cathy Fitzgerald is a practice-thesis PhD candidate in Visual Culture at the National College of Art & Design, Dublin, Ireland. Her current transdisciplinary eco art inquiry* is focused around her involvement with transforming Hollywood, the small forest where she lives in South-East Ireland, from clear-fell conifer plantation to mixed continuous cover forest. In this post […]

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On windfarms, and the preservation of place

When you live in a wild place with lots of hills, especially in Scotland, wind farms tend to occupy your thoughts. They move from the realm of abstract principle – just another tool in the fight for constant progress, growth, power – into reality: something that might well happen on your doorstep, in your place, […]

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Where Wild Beasts Roam: a review of ‘Feral’, by George Monbiot

Review by Ian Hill. More of Ian Hill’s writing can be found at    From the table where I write, outdoors in the warmth of the summer, I can see low hills dusted with the golden blush of grasses turning to seed.  Patches of white are, I know, cotton grass which will be waving gently […]

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SOB White Front Cover 2 Small

‘Sustainable or Bust’: a guest post by Richard Reese

For over 20 years, Richard Adrian Reese has been on a quest to comprehend the mysterious riddle of the Earth Crisis.  His primary focus is exploring genuine sustainability and ecological history.  These are tremendously important subjects, but poorly understood.  He has a history degree from Western Michigan University, and lives in Oregon. Tarzancíto The […]

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Into the Darkness

I’ve recently been involved in a collaboration with three other artists in Bristol. We were interested in exploring the nighttime and the city, in particular how it changed our experience of the city, and altered our relationship to place. We decided our only practice and ‘rules’ would be to walk through the night, from dusk […]

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Tweeting in the Forests

One of the outcomes of the successful battle to save England’s Public Forest Estate from a government sell-off back in 2011 was the recognition of the power of social media as a part of environmental communication. At the time the Guardian environment reporter Fiona Harvey called it a ‘victory for social media’, while 38 Degrees […]


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